Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Victory Class Super Galactic Dreadnought

The Victory Class Super Galactic Dreadnought
First Commissioned: 2291
Length: 912 meters
Mass: 3.2 million metric tons
Crew Complement: 400
Maximum Number of Personnel Ship Can Support: 3000
Duration Before Resupply: 24 months
Jumps Possible Before Overhaul: 100
Atmosphhere Capability: none
Landing Capability: none

The Victory class super galactic dreadnought is one of the newest ships in the Terran arsenal. It was built towards the very end of the Delta Sector War, when the T.T.F.N. planned its last major offensive against the rebel states. A much more hawkish and less capricious Federation Parliament almost doubled the navy budget to provide for the construction of eight of these new superships. The S.S. Victory and its four completed sister ships were sent on the first mission to Delta Sector just days before the Avarian Navy's strike fleet entered the Solar System threatening war. Some have argued that the Federation would have fought the Avarians if they hadn't just sent their new titans away. However, it is doubtful that any five ships in the galaxy could have made a difference against an armada of almost one hundred Avarian ships.

Despite the treaty signed by the Federation the Navy knew the Avarians would be a threat. The Navy High Command strong-armed the Federation Parliament to start a crash construction program around the new ship class. In the decades that followed the T.T.F.N. has built 35 Victory class SGDNs to date, and has 15 in current operation.

Like most ships its size the Victory SGDN is an interstellar space station. It carries up to 18 fighters. Its guns are the largest beam weapons in known space, capable of destroying ships outright at long range. It bristles with H.P.B.s and point defense turrets as well. The Victory has some of the most powerful sensors in human space.  It mounts two separate jump drives, to extend its jump range and increase the chances it can escape a battle to live another day. Most of the losses of Victory SGDNs were ships that were scrapped after severe damage; very few have been destroyed in battle.

source:  Terran & Avarian Fleet Book

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