Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Ranger Class Cruiser

The Ranger Class Cruiser
First Commissioned: 2240
Length:  396 meters
Mass: 450,000 metric tons
Crew Complement:  85
Maximum Number of Personnel Ship Can Support: 600
Duration Before Resupply: 4 years
Jumps Possible Before Overhaul: 20
Atmosphere Capability: poor maneuverability, limited atmospheric flight
Landing Capability: any, including atmosphere, on surfaces up to 1 .2 Gs

History: The S.S. Ranger was completely redesigned during its early construction from .a line support vessel to a light attack. ship hunter-killer,  The insurrection had just succeeded in Sirius, and the fear was that the Kmet would use star bombers and other light interstellar ships to raid civilian shipping and space stations.  The most major change was fitting a missile launcher system. Though Terran missiles were still a bit primitive the Navy was already testing its first prototype laser missile. These Were first launched in combat by the Ranger.

The effect was devastating. The target was the small rebel fleet in Pacifica, on the fringe of the Delta Sector. The Ranger invaded the star system alone, set upon the four star bombers immediately, destroying all of them before they could close to short range. The first was damaged at long range by the H.P.B., eliminating its engine. As it drifted off, the other three ships closed in on the cruiser at medium range. The Ranger launched a salvo of five missiles at a lone star bomber closing on a different trajectory roughly 5000 kilometers from its other partners. The other two attack ships were too far away to provide any point defense support. The lone ship failed to destroy any of the five missiles. The missiles fired, two hit the star bomber in the torpedo bay, setting off the torpedoes.  A full barrage of beam turret fire killed one of the two remaining star bombers while it was still in medium range. The last star bomber gained the initiative on the Ranger and was about to launch its torpedoes when the ranger's last salvo of missiles obliterated it. The Ranger then matched vector with the first star bomber, scuttling it seconds after its crew ejected.

source:  Terran & Avarian Fleet Book

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