Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Invincible Class Dreadnought

The Invincible Class Dreadnought
First Commissioned:   2244
Length: 600 meters
Mass: 1.2 million metric tons
Crew Complement: 100
Maximum Number of Personnel Ship Can Support: 800
Duration Before Resupply: 5 years
Jumps Possible Before Overhaul: 30
Atmosphere Capability: none
Landing Capability: only no-atmosphereup to 7 Gs

The S.S. Invincible was redesigned and rebuilt when it was just months from completion. It was changed as soon as reports came back with the amazing victory the Ranger had in Pacifica. It was believed at the time that missiles would make the enemy star bombers obsolete. The Invincible was not redesignated a hunter-killer like the Ranger was.  Instead it was listed as a solitary patrol capable capital ship.

Unfortunately for the crew of the originally lnvincible the ship did not quite last up o its name. In its very first combat the Invincible was ambushed by six Nova Liberian star bombers supported by nine heavy fightersThe Invincible managed to destroy two star bombers before they could close, but the fighters destroyed several of its batteries.  The other star bombers launched all torpedoes before the Invincible could destroyed them. Even its powerful shields could not stop the onslaught of 40 torpedoes, so the ship was destroyed with hands on board.

Fortunately for the new ship class the Navy's board of inquiry did riot end production on other lnvincibles.  The admiralty still saw its potential, but would rarely send dreadnoughts into battle unescorted. With the support of other ships the Formidable class has proven its worth. It fits well with the Terran Navy's current doctrine of mixed weaponry armed, multipurpose warships.

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