Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Swiftsure Class Destroyer

The Swiftsure Class Destroyer
First Commissioned: 2216
Length: 312 meters
Mass: 180,000 metric tons
Crew Complement: 36
Maximum Number of Personnel Ship Can Support: 200
Duration Before Resupply: 30 months Jumps Possible Before Overhaul: 12 Atmosphere Capability: Limited maneuverability, full atmospheric flight
Landing Capability: Any, including atmosphere, on surfaces up to 2 Gs

The Swiftsure class has been around since before the Delta Sector War. It has undergone significant changes, upgrades, and redesigns, resulting in several new versions of the class coming out (the current version is Mark XIII). Despite this the mission for the Swiftsure class has remained the same: fast, light attack craft capable of independent operations for sustained periods.  On record is one completely unsupported Swiftsure and its crew that maintained an interstellar ·patrol for four years before being resupplied and overhauled. This is far outside the usual design limits but is indicative of the sturdiness of this small warship.

The Swiftsure doesn't have impressive weaponry, but it is adequate for engagements with either light attack ships or individual fighter groups. They are well shielded and armored for ships of their type, though are fragile compared to larger ship types. They have moderately high maneuverability, both to intercept enemy ships and to escape superior forces . The Swiftsure's main advantage is its full long-range sensor suite. It is the smallest ship in the Terran Navy capable of mounting such sensors. This not only allows the destroyer to conduct independent patrols but also assists large fleets in maintaining initiative against the enemy.

There are more Swiftsure class destroyers currently in operation with the Federation Navy than any other ship class. They fly in every star system in Federation space as well as in the systems of every other colony that has been visited by the T.T.F.N. To many colonists the Swiftsure is the very symbol of the Federation Navy, seen just about everywhere.

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