Wednesday, September 17, 2014

World Warriors Weight Comparisons

Torc  (Aquarian World Warrior)
9000 Series (lead)    Versus   Belle Haven (pewter)

9000 Series (lead) - 312 grams

Belle Haven (pewter) - 219 grams

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Members of the BIG FIVE

The "Big Five"

 Carnivorian Republic
Polecat Class Super Galactic Dreadnought

  Entomolian Empire
Swarm Class Super Galactic Dreadnought

 Aquarian Alliance
Typhoon Class Super Galactic Dreadnought

  Terran Federation
Victory Class Super Galactic Dreadnought

   Avarian United Worlds
Gryphon Class Super Galactic Dreadnought

Monday, March 3, 2014

Strategy & Tactics Magazine - Starfleet Wars

Strategy & Tactics Magazine - No. 89, Nov/Dec 1981

Starfleet Wars Miniatures Ad - page 55

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Like Father Like Son

Scott R. Spicer                        Ron Spicer
SRS Prototyping LLC.                 Superior Models Inc.

                   Scar (The Land Waster)      Scarr (The Carnivore World Warrior)

Superior Models Fantasy 9000 Series (90mm)
FA-29   Scarr (Carnivore World Warrior)

FA-46   David Smith  (Terran World Warrior)

Background Story of David Smith
D. Smith - a name ranked with Alexander and Julius Caeser. He was the Chosen by the Old Ones, destined to defeat all of Terrans natural and supernatural enemies in the Fourth Interstellar Conflict. Orphaned at the age of nine when Vennos overran the planet Empass, he spent the next eight years under the tutelage of Karsti the Sorceress.  At 17 he joined the Academy, graduating in only two years, and was commissioned as a fighter pilot.

Smith quickly climbed the ranks and became known for his daring exploits against the Carnivores and Entomalians. He was the commander of 13 Squadron when REVENGE was commissioned and immediately sent into action. He later became the captain of the GUERRIERE (VICTORY Class SGD) in the Alpha Quadrant fighting the Entomalians. It was here that he gained immortality by defeating Vennos in hand-to-hand combat. Smith was the driving force that exposed the traitors in the Senate leading to a purge of the entire government.

His final victory was that against the dark forces that had controlled the galaxy for thousands of years. With the help of Karsti he obliterated the Black Castle of Weltisell, breaking the spells that had bound the entire galaxy for eons.  This victory gave the command of the galaxy to D. Smith, the first Star lord, a mere mortal who was Destined. Smith is depicted in the combat fatigues of a Terran star pilot.

‘Scar, (the land waster)’, a  urethane kit mastered by Scott R. Spicer and offered from SRS Prototyping.
 The sculpture was originally created by his father master sculptor, Ron Spicer.  Scar consists of 10 pieces and stands 6 3/8″ tall and 5" wide.  

”Col. Green”  is a urethane kit consisting of 6 pieces mastered by Scott R. Spicer and offered from SRS Prototyping.  The sculpture was originally created by his father master sculptor, Ron Spicer. He stands 4 3/8″ tall on his base and is 2″ wide, needs assembly & painting.  Bellerophon's Scale Modeling Blog II gives a good account on the detailing of the model.

Background Story of Colonel Green
Figure's name is "Colonel Green of the Empire" from the T.O.S. Start Trek Mirror universe. If you are a fan of the original series, you may remember the character from the episode "The Savage Curtain." In that episode Col. Green is infamous for attacking while negotiating. In the mirror universe, he is successful, celebrated and powerful for such tactics.

Col. Green is remembered and celebrated as the Empire's most successful commander and one of the youngest Emperors to ascend the throne, second only to Empress Sato. He was a tactical and technological genius. This figure depicts the Colonel wearing the TAS (Tactical Assault System) he invented. This system supplies the first portable field generator. This generator provides a deflector shield and a tethered phase-pistol.

 Kit parts

Laser etched Empire logo

Officer’s sword of the Empire

Empire personal dagger and equipment belt

Power pac and equipment belt

Monday, February 17, 2014

Journal of the Travellers' Aid Society Magazine - Starfleet Wars

The Journal of the Travellers' Aid Society Magazine, No. 6, 1980

Starfleet Wars Miniature Ad, page 36

The Journal of the Travellers' Aid Society Magazine, No. 9, 1981

Starfleet Wars Miniature Ad, pages 34-35

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Starfleet Wars Cup of Joe

Custom Made Starfleet Wars Mug

Went through one of the many customizing stuff sites on the internet.  I chose Ended up paying about $15 total with shipping included.  Not a bad price for a a little Starfleet Wars nostalgia in the mornings with a cup of Joe.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Original Mantis versus New Mantis

Empire • Entomalian Empire
Builder • Hivecraft Industries
Classification • Galactic Dreadnought - NEW MANTIS Class

Offensive System • 2 Heavy lasers, 6 medium lasers, 6 MOSQUITO Attack craft, particle weapons

Defensive System · Same as above, plus CID's
Personnel · 42 Higher Mantis, 422 Lower Mantis
Named for the Entomalian species itself, the NEW MANTIS is a second·generation starship with considerable improvements over its predecessor the MANTIS.

The principal improvement is in the number of laser positions it mounts.  There are eight positions, located four top-side and four on the under-side. All of the positions appear to be of equal strength but the two forward lop-side mounts are backed by electron energy convertors which increases their strength to that of a normal heavy laser. This as a recent development perfected by the Entomalians after centons of experimentation in the field. It is expected they will fit other smaller starships with this improved firepower system as soon as it is in general product ion.

In addition, the NEW MANTIS has one of the more powerful of "pincher" weapons known to be in use by the Entomalians to date. Extending prominently from the bow of the starship, it is used for ramming and clawing the hulls of opposing craft, damaging their air-tight integrity. This weapon is a standard one among Entomalian space craft, though varying in size and strength.

Power for the NEW MANTIS is supplied by an in-line series of nuclear reactors using a step-down transformer system to distribute the power to the four engines mounted in the rear of the ship.  This system creates ample energy to propel the ship and operate its computers and laser mechanisms for extended periods.  MOSQUITO attack craft are employed for scouting and the NEW MANTIS has space to carry six of these speedy shipsThey can be used, too, both offensively and defensively, but their small number normally prohibits their use in these roles unless operating in conjunction with the forces from a galactic attack carrier.  For defense, the NEW MANTIS depends largely on her laser and particle weapons with the addition of the CID system. (see Wargamers Forum)


Starfleet Wars Rulebook, page 4

Original Mantis versus NEW Mantis

ES-20 GD Original MANTIS
Original Superior Models Mantis with two removable turrets

Close-up of the removable turret

Starfleet Wars Flyer - ES-20 Mantis