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The Entomolian Empire

Entomolian Empire

The Entomolian Empire and most of Entomolians in general, are ruled by a three-thousand year old mother queen human xenologists call the Empress. Captured Entomolian queens have telepahtically communicated quite a bit about the Empress. All Imperial Entomolians are descended from the Empress. She has incredible telepathic powers she uses to rule her empire. She can literally take control of her subjects' minds. 

Few of even the greatest queens can resist her will. She can read the minds of other species, including humans but her mind control does not work on non-entomolians. Xenologists believe this is why she has declared a holy war on all other species. She is terrified of other sentient beings who exercise free will.

Life Under the Empress
Entomolian society thrives on strict conformity. The only beings who have free thought are some of the older males and the queens. Of them, the war queens have by far the most independence. Males are only trusted to lead other males, usually in ground combat. Although they can achieve the same level of intelligence they hold no power in the queen-dominated society. 

The mother queens are usually far too busy laying eggs to get involve in society directly. Most of the time they socialize (link telepathically) with other mother queens. War queens, on the other hand, command ships, fleets, and armies, and manage much of the non-military infrastructure as well. Those most successful in combat rise quickly through the ranks.

Other Entomolians
The few captured war queens deny it, but intelligence experts believe there are at least some splinter groups from the Entomolian Empire. These groups are likely to be enemy's of the Empress. They may represent less than ten percent of the entomolian population, but they still could be very useful to the war effort. Officially, the Terran Federation High Command refuses to communicate with any entomolians, but rumors suggest they may be willing to negotiate with any entomolian rebels if the opportunity presents itself.

Source: Entomolian Fleet Book

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