Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Draugtur Privateers

The Draugtur Privateers

Vice Admiral Draugtur was widely considered a rising star in the Terran Trans-Solar Federation Navy. In the Delta Sector War, he was the Navy's most successful commander. Draugtur personally led the Sirius-stationed 7th Fleet to nine combat victories.  This included three rebel colony invasions and occupations.

A downfall came to Admiral Draugtur when he was commanding an assault mission in nearby colonies. Concurrently, the Kmet overthrew the Sirian government and ousted the T.T.F.N.'s remaining forces from Sirius space. Naval high command blamed Admiral Draugtur for the loss of Sirius, the T.T.F.'s only major base in Delta Sector. The Navy could not afford to pull its star admiral from the front, but it largely refused to support any of his strategies for retaking Sirius and winning the war.

In the briefing to the Navy regarding this defeat, Draugtur stated the need for a change in military doctrine.  He saw a need to pattern ship design and other force elements based on the offensive and defensive needs of fleet operations in Delta Sector. After many unsuccessful attempts to persuade Fleet Command to implement his new strategy, he resigned in protest. Draugtur's finest and most loyal officers and enlisted sailors resigned with him. Together they left Terran Federation space altogether for as yet unexplored worlds.

His scouts discovered a habitable moon orbiting a gas giant in an unknown star system, and named it for their admiral. Here, Draugturs and his followers settled a colony in unexplored space, just outside Delta Sector. They went to work building their own space fleet to develop an effective privateer force. Within just a few years of wheeling and dealing, they had a small attack force. In a long-forgotten language Draugtur means "wolf master," so the new mercenaries began calling themselves the Wolf Raiders of Draugtur Moon. This force became the most powerful privateer and mercenary force in human space.

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