Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Mars Class Star Bomber

The Mars Class Star Bomber 
First Commissioned: 2277
Length: 240 meters
Mass: 90,000 metric tons
Crew Complement: 18
Maximum Number of Personnel Ship Can Support: 100
Duration Before Resupply:  18 months Jumps Possible Before Overhaul: 10
Atmosphere Capable: full maneuverability, full atmospheric flight
Landing Capable: any, including atmosphere, on surfaces up to 2 Gs 

The Mars class star bomber was the first in the T.T.F:N. to carry torpedoes. It was commissioned specifically to conduct raids on enemy shipping and space station asset during the Delta Sector War. It proved very effective in combat, when supported by fighters or other ships.  The Mars star bomber is vulnerable to fighter or missile attack. It's design emphasizes firepower and maneuverability, with very weak defenses.  Many of the system designs for the Mars star bomber were copied from a Nova Liberian star bomber captured in battle.

Star bombers are the most vulnerable warships in battle: they are threatening enough to attract fire from enemy ships but do not have adequate defenses to protect themselves.  They often get obliterated in their first battles, and rarely ever survive more than three. This is not very popular for the crews, so a lot of emphasis is placed on crew ejection systems, The Mars carries the most effective bridge ejection pod in human existence The ejection pod has made it possible to survive many ship destructions. The crew of the Ares (Mark I to Mark IV) survived 10 years of service with 60 engagements and three separate ship destructions.  This crew is the exception, not the rule.

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