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Star Chart of Human Space

Trans-Solar Federation Space

Region: Earth's Solar System
Inhabited Planets:
Earth: Population: 7 billion
Mars: Population: 600 million
Moon: Population: 4 million
Europa: Population: 3.5 million
Venus: Population: 500,000
48 civillian space cities:
Population: 13 million
Space Assets: 12 military space stations;30 Home Guard warships; 3000 Home Guard fighters.

Notes: Earth's strict population control policies have dropped the population from 10 billion down to 7 billion in just two centuries. Cheap space travel has allowed for intense expansion into the rest of the solar system.  Incentives encourage peoples to vacate Earth for terraformed Mars, or partially terraformed Europa and Venus. In the next fifty years Earth is planned to reduce its population by 30 percent, while doubling Mars, and vastly expanding Venus once it is more habitable.

Region: Beta Sector
Stars System: two stars (Clovis and Dortmund). Eight planets; three are inhabited.
Founded: 2209
Population: 900 million
Space Assets: 4 space stations; TFN 2nd Fleet headquarters; 20 Orbital Guard warships; 180 Orbital Guard fighters.

Notes: Of the four original colonies, Frisco is by far the most successful.  Boasting the largest non-Earth population, and the largest economic base, three separate planets form separate colonies, even obtaining separate seats in the Upper House of Parliament.

Region: Beta Sector
Stars System: Single star. Six planets; the second planet is the inhabited world lbo.
Founded: 2239
Population: 250 million
Space Assets: 2 space stations; TFN 7th Fleet headquarters; 3 Orbital Guard warships; 30 Guard fighters.

Notes: Originally founded as a strictly African colony. Its early success attracted settlers from all over Earth.  Official language is Panafrique, but New English is also spoken.

The Terran Trans-Solar Federation has more than 90% of all human beings, within its but holds only two thirds of the star systems. It controls merely one star system in Delta  Sector, and five in Gamma Sector. Most of the remainder are allied with Nova Liberia.

Region:  Delta Sector
Stars System: Single star. Three planets, the closest is the inhabited planet of Alberta
Founded: 2283
Population: 1 million
Space Assets: 2 space stations; 8 interstellar warships of destroyer leader size or smaller; 50 fighters.

Notes:  Confederated with Nova Liberia; At war with Terran Trans-Solar Federation for rebellion, and link with Nova Liberia. Vanport suffered occupation early in the war, and was later liberated by Nova Liberia.  All its interstellar ships are jointly commanded by Nova Liberian Fleet Command.

Region: Delta Sector
Star System:  Two stars (Micronesia and Fiji). Five planets, the farthest out is the inhabited planet of Hawaii.
Founded: 2217
Population: 3 million
Space: Assets: Space station of New Samoa;H 12 interstellar warships of cruiser size or smaller; 30 fighters.

Notes: Currently allied with Nova Liberia. In cold war with Terran Federation. In conflict with Draugtur
due to its TTF-sponsored privateer raids during the Delta Sector War.

New Canada:
Region: Gamma Sector
Star System: Single star. Thirteen planets, the third (New Quebec) and fourth (New Ontario) are both inhabited.  Terraforming two other planets.
Founded: 2209
Population: 8 million
Space Assets: 2 space stations; 25 interstellar warships of destroyer size or smaller; 60 fighters.

Notes: Although in Gamma Sector, New Canada was one of the rebel stellar systems in the Delta Sector War.  It currently is in a cold war stance with TTF, allied with Nova Liberia and New Sumatra.

New Sumatra:
Region: Gamma Sector
Stars System: Two stars (Java and Timor). Four planets, the third planet is the inhabited world of Jakarta.
Founded: 2224
Population: 2.5 million
Space Assets: 3 space stations; 2 interstellar destroyers; 60 fighters.

Notes: Neutral in Delta Sector War. Currently in strained relations with Terran Trans-Solar Federation because of secession (though friends in parliament prevented Navy interdiction).  Despite its opposition to the Federation, New Sumatra remains unwilling to ally with Nova Liberia or other separatist states.

El Dorado:
Region: Gamma Sector
Stars System: Single star. Five planets, the second is the inhabited planet of Mundo Bolivar. Fourth planet,
Brasilia, nearing completion of terraform project.
Founded: 2216
Population: 4 million
Space Assets: 3 space stations; 2 Orbit Guard Cutters. 18 Orbit Guard fighters; TFN 16th Fleet based in system, with galactic dreadnought (flag ship) and eight to other warships.

Notes: Strong Fed. Navy presence prevents much rebel activity. It was occupied twelve years after it was founded as a separatist colony for the League of American States. The LAS was expelled from the Federation for founding El Dorado in secret.

Region: Gamma Sector
Stars System: Two stars (Castor and Pollux) with one asteroid field orbiting Pollux; an otherwise barren vacuum.
Population: 2000
Space Assets: TFN 43th Fleet: 1 space station; 3 non-interstellar cutters, 1 destroyer, 2 armored pursuit ships, 4 star bombers; 12 fighters.

Notes: Location of first Avarian raid, where technology was stolen.  Although somewhat upgraded, the
starbase is still poorly defended for a border star.

source:  Terran & Avarian Fleet Book

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