Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Kmet

The Kmet

The Kmet's. culture and government is shrouded in secrecy.  Apparently, it is a theocratic republic largely drawing from the religion of ancient Egypt.  lts emblem is the Eye of Horus. Most of, its ships are named from gods or other sacred beings from Egyptian lore.

It is left to speculation if the Kmet keep in touch with elements in Earth's Egypt; or, if they make pilgrimages back to Earth. It is known that the Kmet are the descendants of the Cult of Sirius-- a fanatical religious group from Sirius Prime. Experts in Terran space generally believe that the Eye of Horus represents star Sirius A.

Outsider contact with the Kmet is usually military.  The Kmet often hire out as mercenaries, working at one time for Nova Liberia, and even at one point with the Terran Federation itself. Their ships tend to rely on beam weapons. Occasionally torpedoes and fighters are used. 

Below is the Terran Navies' estimate of the Kmet Navy's available assets. The Kmet use a different naming system for many of its ship types.  Where appropriate the Terran Navy equivalent ship types are shown.

source:  Terran & Avarian Fleet Book

Click here for Kmet Reference Sheets.

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