Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Gamma Sector Raid

[A Story By Tim Davidson)
Prologue: In 2293 A.C.E., an Avarian raiding force struck the small military base in Outpost, an uninhabited star system on the fringe of Gamma Sector. The damage was light, and casualties were minimal. But the Avarians stole blueprints and other data on shield and E.C.M. technology.  This minor border fort on the edge of the Gamma Sector lost humanity's most valuable military secrets, and plunged it into the greatest space war it has ever faced. 

The attack was a complete surprise.  Terran patrol ships had been sent back to the main port facilities in El Dorado. All six of the station fighters were in for repairs. Worst of all, all of the space station 's long-range sensors were damaged by a collision with a docking ship a few weeks before. After the Avarian raid, the Outpost would never again be left so vulnerable to attack.

Blinking Red lights cast an eerie scarlet tone throughout the dark bunkroom. A moment later a high pitched alarm jarred him awake, the piercing sound reverberating down his spine. Jalen had barely enough time to focus on the stirring shapes around the darkened room before the realization hit him. We are being attacked.

Seconds later the door hissed opened sending intense white light into the room. A large black shape entered the room and turned on the lights. Standing near the door was a broad shouldered man wearing an impeccably clean navy uniform. His aged yet handsome and clean cut face panned over the squad of dazed soldiers.

"Alright ladies!" the sergeant's incisive voice pierced the thick skulls of the marines. "We are under attack! Grab your vests and rifles and let's go!!! MOVE!" His last word acted like a cattle prod sending the marines into frenzy.  Wearing only flak jackets, nighttime fatigues, and carrying rifles, the marines began pouring out of the bunkroom. As the confused and scantily clad marines ran down the hall the sergeant briefed them.

"A small force has infiltrated the base through Cargo Bay 3F and is now dug in at the Intelligence center". He paused, "Beta Squad is engaging but they are reporting heavy resistance. We are going in to try to breach the east doors of the Intel center."

As the marines approached the east entrance of the intelligence center, the door hissed open. Azure blue steaks began spewing from the dark Intel center. "Fall Back!" one of the marines screamed as the bolts painted his vest in blue lightning. Immediately, his screams were drowned with a gurgling noise as he fell to his knees and started convulsing.  The marines ducked around the corner narrowly avoiding fire. Jalen returned fire with his pulse rifle, Thud Thud Thud Thud Thud Thud. The staccato sound from the slug-throwing pulse rifle echoed through the white corridor.

The firefight continued for several minutes. Blue streaks appeared from the darkness and lightly scored the walls around the marine's position. The marines responded to the attack with their pulse rifles and brilliant orange bursts from their blaster carbines. Suddenly, there was a lull in the fighting. The marines saw their opportunity. Two marines popped out and grabbed their wounded, convulsing comrade, while a third marine covered them. 

All of the sudden, a low humming bass sound came from the dark room. A small spherical object struck one of the exposed marines in the chest cracking the plasti-armor plate. Jalen looked down at his wounded comrade while the object vibrated softly on the shattered plasti-armor chest plate. An instant later, brilliant white light and deafening noise exploded from the object. He closed his eyes and covered his ears as he fell to the ground. He knew his eyes were open but he could see nothing but soft white all around him. And the only sound he could hear where sounds like distant footsteps in large cavern. Jalen stretched his arm out reaching for something to grab onto in the white around him ...... anything ... For a brief moment he thought he saw the outline of an enormous bird, before his vision got fuzzy again. Suddenly he felt a sharp knock to his jaw. His head fell to the floor as the white faded to black.

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