Sunday, January 20, 2013

Camivoran Ship Designs

The Carnivorans are relatively new to space travel, having only left their home system some five hundred years ago. During this short period of time, Carnivoran technology and ship designs have developed rapidly.  What they lack in super-heavy weaponry the Carnivorans make up for with new weapons specifically designed to level the playing field and courage beyond that of any other known space faring race.

Each prides' first task upon becoming independent is to start building shipyard space stations as soon as possible. These yards are often capable of building ships only as large as cruisers, but as the pride becomes more and more powerful their yards continue to grow.

It is said that the shipyard around the Carnivoran home world stretches almost halfway around the circumference of the planet and has as many as 30 ships under constructions at any one time. Since most Carnivoran shipyards are capable of producing only smaller hulls, they have developed new techniques for mounting weapons on them. The number of medium and light weapons that the Camivorans can mount on a single hull exceeds any other races capability.

Love of weapons and almost complete lack of shield technology serves to exaggerate the Carnivorans need to close quick and do a lot of damage before they come under continued fire of the larger ships of the enemies forces.

The Carnivoran fleet has found amazing ways of mounting weapons on their ships. The only disadvantage they have is a shortage of heavier weapons, but this shortage they make up in the areas of light and medium plasma beams.

This does not mean the Carnivorans are without large sized ships: what it does mean is that these ships are rarely seen outside of a Pridewar and even then only in limited numbers. Some older dreadnoughts and some carriers are spread throughout all of the prides, but their numbers are usually very limited

Carnivoran Bobcat class light fighters are new to the forces they encounter, more like programmed drones, and light fighters are launched with a specific task and will continue this task until destroyed or their power runs down. Their heavy fighters are among the largest known to exist. They are multi-crew craft armed with a single light weapon and carrying a single plasma torpedo.

Used in attacks on larger ships, they are known to be very dangerous when encountered in large numbesr. Luckily for the other races, most of the Leopard heavy fighters are used in defense of systems, and only a few are usually carried by carriers. Carnivoran fighter strategy consists of using their Bobcat fighters to neutralize enemy fighters and missiles while their larger ships close and grapple in close proximity with their enemy.

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