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Nova Liberia

Nova Liberia

Terran Perspective
To most Terran politicians, Nova Liberia is one of the strangest nations in human history.  It consists of a mixture of malcontents from many different colonies and cultures, including many different countries on Earth.  Nova Liberia seems to have gotten its name from a small group of Liberian separatists that led the rebels in their exodus from Earth.

Since that formation, Nova Liberia has accepted misfits from nearly all human cultures, including pirates, terrorists, guerrillas, and other riff-raff.  Overall, citizens of the Federation do not hate Nova Liberians.  But they do regard them as crazy-fanatics who are best left alone. Most people in the Federation believe that the stalemate in the Delta Sector War resulted from a failure of the T.T.F Navy; not from particular greatness of the Nova Liberian forces.

Many individual states in the Federation have  welcomed Nova Liberian diplomats to establish embassies in their lands. This infuriates the central government, but it cannot do much about it, since the Federation constitution protects freedom of association for member states with any other groups not actively threatening the Federation.

Nova Liberian Perspective
Nova Liberia is nowhere near as disorganized as it appears on the surface.  The central government has great power in regulating foreign policy. It guarantees basic individual freedoms for the citizens, and allows individual states to govern themselves in nearly all other affairs.  Many of the colonies that make up Nova Liberia have stricter laws governing cultural and social values than the central government. So, they have made an arrangement generally satisfying to all: no colony in the union can prevent citizens from moving into or out of any other colony.

The ties to the old Earth nation of Liberia are largely a myth. Liberians did make up a powerful contingent in the first generation of the new nation, but they never patterned it politically or culturally from the small African nation.  The name refers to the general ideal of freedom.

The Nova Liberian Navy

The Federation attack on Nova Liberia Prime obliterated half of the N.L.N.'s Fleet, and severely damaged most of what remained. The next two decades of the war were very hard on the remainder of the fleet, which never managed to build back up to the Navy's earlier size. By 2320 the Nova Liberian Navy was restored to a level equal to its pre-war levels, though still far behind its peak.  Below is a list of the interstellar ships in the Navy, along with a brief list of other space assets. The Nova Liberian Navy uses a variety of ship classes of each ship type, making it difficult to list the most common ones.

Battlecruisers: 3
Used as fighter carriers

Cruisers: 15

Destroyer Leaders: 30

Destroyers: 65

Armored Pursuit Ships: 30

Star Bombers: 80

Space Station Based Fighters: 950
Ship Based Fighters: 50
Total T.T.FN. Fighters: 1000

Since the Nova Liberian Navy is mainly defensive, there are many more non-interstellar vessels in use than most navies. This accounts for the relatively large number of fighters based on space stations rather than carriers. Every space station is armed and shielded, even if it is a civilian station or space colony. The most abundant ship type is the star bomber. These deadly small but agile ships proved their worth in countless battles against Federation Navy dreadnoughts.

source:  Terran & Avarian Fleet Book

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