Saturday, January 4, 2014

Original Mantis versus New Mantis

Empire • Entomalian Empire
Builder • Hivecraft Industries
Classification • Galactic Dreadnought - NEW MANTIS Class

Offensive System • 2 Heavy lasers, 6 medium lasers, 6 MOSQUITO Attack craft, particle weapons

Defensive System · Same as above, plus CID's
Personnel · 42 Higher Mantis, 422 Lower Mantis
Named for the Entomalian species itself, the NEW MANTIS is a second·generation starship with considerable improvements over its predecessor the MANTIS.

The principal improvement is in the number of laser positions it mounts.  There are eight positions, located four top-side and four on the under-side. All of the positions appear to be of equal strength but the two forward lop-side mounts are backed by electron energy convertors which increases their strength to that of a normal heavy laser. This as a recent development perfected by the Entomalians after centons of experimentation in the field. It is expected they will fit other smaller starships with this improved firepower system as soon as it is in general product ion.

In addition, the NEW MANTIS has one of the more powerful of "pincher" weapons known to be in use by the Entomalians to date. Extending prominently from the bow of the starship, it is used for ramming and clawing the hulls of opposing craft, damaging their air-tight integrity. This weapon is a standard one among Entomalian space craft, though varying in size and strength.

Power for the NEW MANTIS is supplied by an in-line series of nuclear reactors using a step-down transformer system to distribute the power to the four engines mounted in the rear of the ship.  This system creates ample energy to propel the ship and operate its computers and laser mechanisms for extended periods.  MOSQUITO attack craft are employed for scouting and the NEW MANTIS has space to carry six of these speedy shipsThey can be used, too, both offensively and defensively, but their small number normally prohibits their use in these roles unless operating in conjunction with the forces from a galactic attack carrier.  For defense, the NEW MANTIS depends largely on her laser and particle weapons with the addition of the CID system. (see Wargamers Forum)


Starfleet Wars Rulebook, page 4

Original Mantis versus NEW Mantis

ES-20 GD Original MANTIS
Original Superior Models Mantis with two removable turrets

Close-up of the removable turret

Starfleet Wars Flyer - ES-20 Mantis

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