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1989 Belle Haven Perth Pewter Starfleet Wars Collections

Perth Pewter started as a sub-division of Superior Models in 1975. Many of the figures from Superior's ranges were released from Perth Pewter in the form of pewter collectibles, such as the 1989 Belle Haven Starfleet Wars Collection.

John Carter started his Company around 1973 called, Superior Models Inc. It was mainly a Hobby Company, making Models of World War 2 Submarines and Ships. He also did quite a bit of Contract Work for other Companies. Then in 1975, when Pewter was becoming quite popular, he started a Sub-Division of Superior Models Inc. Called, Perth Pewter Designs and Collectibles. In the beginning, most of the Perth Pewter Designs were created by the Artist James Lane Casey, Ron Spicer, Ray Lamb, and John Dennett.

Since Perth Pewter was originally a Sub-Division of Superior Models, Some of the items will have the Superior Models Logo along with the Artist Signature on the bottom of the item, while other items will have the Perth Pewter Logo along with the Artist Signature on the bottom. Some items will even have both the Superior Models and the Perth Pewter Logo on the bottom. The Original Owner, John Carter, did not find it necessary to immediately change the Logo from Superior Models, on the bottom of the items, over to Perth Pewter, even though he was selling the items under the Perth Pewter Name. Nor did he change some of the items from Superior Models over to Perth Pewter on the bottom of the Item. So, even though some of the items may say Superior Models on the bottom, they are very much Authentic Perth Pewter Items and Signed by the Artist that created the Design.

A great transcribed interview conversation with one of the developers and son of renowned artist Ron Spicer, Scott R. Spicer takes us along the fascinating journey about the development of the Starfleet Wars miniature line. This can be found here on Desert Scribe's Super Galactic Dreadnought Blog.

Some products from the Perth Pewter line are still being offered from Armik's Fine Collectables. Their inventory of the items are extremely limited and  there is no chance of new inventory as the Belle Haven line has been closed for many years now. Perth Pewter is still in business though they are now a division of Medieval Productions.  A history of Perth Pewter and galleries of many of their figures can be found here at the Sorcerer's Library.  These fine products were also sold by Game Masters as "Finished" Starfleet Wars starships for the science fiction collector.

Tiger Class Dreadnought 

Jaguar Class Galactic Dreadnought

Lion Class Battlecruiser

Carnivorian Republic Base Stand

Leviathan Class Dreadnought

Aquarian Alliance Base Stand

Roach Class Battlecruiser

Mantis Class Dreadnought

Entomalian Empire Base Stand

Eagle Class Battlecruiser

Condor Class Dreadnought 

Avarian United Worlds Base Stand

Samurai Destroyer Leader
(note the use of the Entomalian base stand for smaller class of Terran Starship)

Formidable Class Battlecruiser

 Invincible Class Dreadnought

Valiant Class Galactic Dreadnought

Victory Class Super Galactic Dreadnought

Mace Class Space Station

Terran Federation Base Stand

Terran Federation Base Stand

Terran Federation Base Stands
For The SGD Victory
note: the very jagged crater edges

Base Stands

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