Wednesday, March 20, 2013

How to fight like a Bug

Now for some advice for the rookie Entomolian commander. The Entomolians have many strengths and weaknesses. It is easy for a new player to see all the new grav weapons and suicide fighters and forget the Entomolians' disadvantages. The more cynical player will see the lack of shields and ECM and wonder how they can survive. Exploiting the new weapons while keeping your ships intact can be a real trick. Here are some tactics you can try as you see fit. Remember, none of these work in all situations, and some can be risky as well.

1. If your opponent is playing the Avarians, keep your ships about eight to ten hexes away from them. They will not be close enough to use railguns (with a 6 hex range) and you will be close enough to use your ships' grav guns.

2. If you have more HPBs and PLBs than the opposing force, stay back at long range. If your opponent closes, he or she will probably have to face you at medium range where you can blast them with grav guns.

3. If your opponent is Terran, and has equal or greater number of long range weaponry, close to medium range as soon as possible. You will suffer damage quicker, but you will cause far more. Especially if at least a few of your ships have heavy grav guns.

4. Use the Roll Ship Markers often. Your ships will tend to suffer far more damage on one armor facing than the other. Remember to roll your ship, or turn your facing, to protect the vulnerable side.

5. Entomolians ships suffer very little effective damage (such as lost systems) in the first turn, sometimes even the second one. Use this to your advantage. Send as much damage as you can with a ship while your armor is getting chewed up, then withdraw it before suffering hull box losses.

6. If you are using Standard Rules, attack with your Stinger Missiles as soon as possible. This will provide a much easier target. If you win initiative, you will be able to use your missiles before they are destroyed, no matter how many weapons or fighters the target ship has.

7. When using Command Rules, send the light fighters in as one massive attack. Even a few hits can be devastating, even to an enemy super galactic dreadnought.

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